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Rescue Pets Rescuing Humans In Return


Animal activism has become a part of our daily lives in recent decades. Infamously, some animal rights activists focus their attention and energies in public awareness campaigns that sometimes lead the everyday volunteers to search for less aggressive forms of activism like rescue programs.

Pets and Vets are Natural Partners

As social media infiltrates every part of our daily existence, there are more ways than ever to connect with programs that help both animals and people prosper. Many animal shelters have moved away from euthanasia and turned toward rehoming abused and abandoned animals.

One such rehoming campaign pairs veterans with rescued animals and has shown fantastic results. By partnering disabled and retired veterans with animals that have also seen their fair share of rough times, these pairings often offer new hope both parties.

Service members and their animal companions alike both benefit from pet/vet matchups. This growing trend not only provides comfort to the humans and animals that are matched, but greatly reduces the resources needed to house and care for these animals in shelters.

Get Your Doolittle On

If you are one of those special people who have a way with animals, you’ve probably been drawn to volunteer service already. Rescued animals, and those who were simply abandoned are susceptible to aggressive behaviors and need to be loved back to health.

If you have the personality for this type of work, there is great demand for trainers and shelter volunteers, so call your local agencies or stop by and see how you can be of service. Further educational opportunities might just arise from your charitable work with animals such as these.

It’s a great idea to remember that exotic pets are often the most neglected of all abandoned animals. These interesting animals are often rescued from breeding programs, and have been known to include snakes, spiders, lizards, chickens, pigs, and even larger exotic pets like lions, tigers, bears, elephants, and pretty much any other animal that was the “hot pet accessory” at the moment.

Elder Interactions and Adoption Drives

Other programs that have gained popularity recently involve kids reading books to pets awaiting adoption, visiting animals at Senior Care centers, which has become wildly popular with elderly patients, and adoption drives. Each of these programs is fueled by volunteers and activists and rely upon charitable donations of time and money by the public to flourish and spread.

People and animals have always bonded with one another, and it seems that the humans that adopt these poor mistreated animals receive just as much benefit as the assorted animal adoptees gain. The sad fact remains, however, there are animals in need of adoption across the country, just waiting for their forever homes.

Donating Time and Energy is the Easiest Help

Although the number of animal rescue volunteers is rising, there are always more agencies in need of help. Volunteering your time, money, old clothes and toys are great ways to help both people and animals.