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Why adopt a pet?


As a proud pet owner myself, I can say that adopting a pet is one of the most rewarding things I have done, and adoption should be the first thing considered by any prospective pet owner. While the adoption process isn’t easy, the emotional benefits for both you and your furry friend are wonderful.

Adoption saves lives and prevents pets from being euthanized to make room in overcrowded shelters for more. If you adopt one or multiple pets you give them a chance at life and show them what a loving family truly looks like.

Experienced animals

Adopted animals are often comfortable living with and around humans, and most are either spayed or neutered, vaccinated and will not require the cost of those procedures to be a burden on you. Especially if you adopt an older pet who has lived with a family before and you can give them a second chance at life.

In addition, animals that are adopted can help the health of their humans by defeating feelings of isolation, offering unconditional love, and someone to cuddle when it is needed. Who doesn’t love a nice cuddle every now and then? Plus it’s someone waiting for you when you get home!

Emotional security

Pets can make people laugh, as evidenced by all the videos on YouTube, and the same is true for the pets that are inside homes. By simply watching a dog run and play or do something silly like chase its own tail, it can cause a giggle which has a positive influence on our health.

Dogs can also sense our emotions as humans and are smarter than we give them credit for, able to understand our phrases and even understand our body language and tone of voice. Also, playing with and walking a dog benefits our emotional health and helps provide some exercise as well.

Animals give us their unfettered affection, no matter who we are or what we’ve done in life. That often triggers the brain and body to respond positively to the animal and release chemicals that can help with relaxation and managing stress.

Routine and stress management

For me, a dog reduced my stress across the board in my job, helping me care about something while taking the focus off of my own problems and worries. In addition, I always needed to care for my dog, which only gave me more to focus on when I was having my darker days.

The dog also motivated me to walk outside, which not only kept me healthy but also had me meet fellow dog owners and rebuild my social life as both four legged and two-legged friends began to be made with every trip outside.

Understand what you are doing

Dogs are commitments, and they require food, water, expenses, and the same unconditional love that they give you. No questions asked, so by seeking to adopt a dog, ensure you can care for it and then you’ll have the best friend anyone could ask for.